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Honorarium Art Grant Selection for Burning Man 2022

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The Solar Shrine is a massive project that will take many hands to construct and transport to the desert. The primary construction will be handled by veteran effigy burners and crews in Chicago. It will then be transported by truck to the desert, where the final installation will take place. While many materials for the project have been donated by local companies and connections, and the construction will be done by volunteers who are dedicated to making this important build happen, there are still many financial costs that need to be covered. To make this gift to the Burner Community happen, we are raising $40,000 to cover the overhead expenses for building space, some of the materials and equipment, as well as the transportation to Black Rock City.

This is a truly remarkable and important piece. We can only do it with your participation. Please, be a part of the team! Donate what you can to this unique project and help make this gift a reality. Volunteer to help with the construction here in Chicago or on site at Black Rock City. Also, spread the word!


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